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    June 2021 Meeting

    Date: June 17, 2021, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    Valentino's Pizza
    $15 for members
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    Inclusive Communities

    Inclusive Communities’ programs are designed to examine and break down the stereotypes, myths, and barriers among the divides of race, faith, gender, ability, and other diversities – a critical first step in the blueprint for building an inclusive culture that reflects mutual trust, acceptance, and respect of all its staff.
    Inclusive Communities will join us for a session in which we will learn about Identities both visible and non-visible.We will then explore the idea of intersectionality and how our views on certain identities shape our perspectives and interactions. Then we will look at ways in which certain ideas are learned or taught in society, before discussing implicit bias, and having facilitated dialogue around microaggressions and inclusive language. 

    Presenter:  Tena Hahn-Rodriguez 

    Tena brings a full range of career experience to Inclusive Communities – all rooted in inclusiveness and education. Her background as an entrepreneur, educator and community organizer have made her one of the most recognizable people in North Omaha.
    As co-founder of REVEL, Omaha’s only LGBT safe social space and monthly fundraiser, Tena has focused her efforts to organize, support and celebrate Omaha’s LGBT community since the events inception in 2014. Tena’s career experience as a dance and fitness instructor made her an entrepreneur at the age of 32 and an educator to three generations of youngsters and countless active adults.